Extralite Aliens 4 Road Skewers

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10th Planet.

CNC'ing that is out of this world. Some lightweight skewers can feel a little sketchy, they have weird shaped skinny handles and you have to treat them like a delicate flower.

The Extralite Aliens have been designed to be ultra functional with the lightest weight possible and with the highest safety standards. A curved and wide handle fits so comfortable in your hand and wraps around the fork leg so there is no chance of it snagging on anything while riding.

A Titanium Grade 5 axle which has been forged and butted for the ultimate strength and perfect grain alignment. So strong they can handle 1300kgF of pull and safety first with each skewer being ultrasonic tested for quality.

Base plates are self adjusting which reduces stress on the axle, they also have a bronze bushing for lube free smooth close and opening action. The springs are held in place by special machined retainers so there is no chance of losing the springs during rushed wheel changes.

Made in Italy, these are the real deal.

  • 39g Set
  • Butted and forged titanium axle
  • Titanium axle front and rear - ultrasonic tested for complete safety
  • Machined in Italy
  • Road Use only (100mm/130mm)
  • Self aligning cams with brass bushings
  • Ergo curved handle