Extralite Aluminium Ultrapost

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This is a gram fighters dream. At 99grams this is lighter than all of the high end carbon post it far better resists the harsh radial compression forces of the frame clamp. To get the weight so low Extralite had to really do something special - extensive 3D machining on every single section. The main shaft is internally and externally butted which really shows off some skilled CNC work. The rail yoke has been optimised for strength and lightened even further with full titanium hardware. They are passed through a series of multi-axial machining steps to safely remove material where it's not needed. Rail clamps have been smooth to make it compatible with all types of high end carbon railed saddles.

Finally it is Ceramic shot peened to remove surface tensions on the surface increaseing overall strength and durability.  They are available in two lengths 250mm or 350mm

  • 99g / 138g
  • +21º / -9º Saddle adjustment - ideal for saddles with a 73º SA
  • Laser etched decals
  • 31.6mm Size only
  • XC and Road use