Extralite CarboTense 27.5+ 1085g

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Best of Everything.

The Ultimate 27.5+ Wheelset. Wide, light and stunning looks. We are talking about 24.5mm wide AX Lightness rims laced up with Extralite HyperFront and HyperRear2 Hubs. The AX Lightness rims are 28h drilled with a fairly deep 33.5mm profile and 30mm out diameter which really gives a good seat for wide trail ready tyres - like the 2.8" tyres readily available for the 27.5" standard. They feature the SRT (Spoke reinforcement Technology) which allows high spoke tensions - up to 130Kgf which improves wheel stiffness and durability. Combined with the Extralite Hyper series hubs this ensures perfect spoke alignment, high spoke tensions and super light weight materials for a real lightweight snappy wheelset. We are talking about a1,085g wheelset with strength, durability and suitable for aggressive trail riding.

Megalite custom bladed spokes with a unique reinforced spoke thread for increased durability. The Extralite Hyper hubs are easy to service and feature the unique soft touch hub bearing preload system which gives just the right amount of bearing support for smoothy silky spinning wheels. Double sealed to reduce contamination as well.

Compatible with 15mm front axles and 142 / 142+ / X-12 rear hub configuration. All the new gen Extralite hubs are XD Driver compatible.

  • Ti Megalite spokes (spare spokes included with set)
  • AX Lightness SRT rims - Made in Germany
  • 1,085g Wheelset weight
  • 28h / 28h rear
  • HyperFront + HyperRear2 hubs
  • Ergal Self locking internal nipples
  • Can be optioned with the HyperLefty hub
  • 30mm Outside / 24.5mm Inner width / 33.5mm Deep