Extralite CyberHubs SL Set

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These are hubs.

Laughable weights, precision CNC and easy build up. Excellent gram/dollar ratio as well. Why the heck wouldn't? 48g front hub and 40mm flange to centre for the ultimate in stability large bracing numbers. Perfectly machined and easily serviced and adjusted with the highly evolved micro-tuner. Flanges get some extra special attention with Mil-Spec treatment to help it handle with the high loads of radial lacing - and to balance the torsional forces the flanges self align under tension for the durability.

Rear hub is 134grams with the huge 17mm rear axle for torisional load resistence. Rear free hub utilises Ti pawls with the unique O-ring drive which keeps the pawls connected quicker than other systems combined with the 32T engaging pawls these spool up like an overboosted Turbocharger. Just like the front the micro-tuner dials in perfect bearing preload so there is no slop or play or any of those strange knocks you find on 2nd class hubs.

These are high tech hubs without all the hassles that go along with lightweight gear. Build em to your favourite rim and ride them all season. Proven to be reliable and durable in all weather conditions.

  • Made in Italy
  • F: 48g / R: 134g
  • Radially lacing front
  • ABEC5 Bearings with Nylon-graphite ball retainers
  • Micro-Tuner front and rear
  • Campag / Shimano
  • 9 / 10 / 11 speed
  • Hard Coat ano with laser etching