Extralite CyberMax C32 with CyberFront and CyberRear hubs

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Hyper engineered and ultra lightweight wheelset that will help drop minutes off your Strava times. A complete wheelset weight of only 895g, these Tubulars are some of the lightest wheelsets on the market. Built using the Extralite Cyber SP hubs laced to wide 25mm rims with offset drilling on the rear wheel for even spoke tension. 

Wide flanges and the offset spoke drilling on the rear makes sprinting and climbing very responsive and precise. The extra width improves stability and gives a smooth ride.

Pillar's aero butted spokes and a moderate profile of 32mm allows extra speed when breaking away with the low weight really showing up on steep long climbs. The rims are made in Italy with Torayca UDT800 pre-preg which are digitally cut, hand layed and cured at 10bar for the ultimate in strength and stiffness. The rim shape features a blunt trailing edge for smoothing out laminar air flow.

Exceptional wheelset for racing

  • 20+24 Pillar Megalite Aero spokes
  • Internal Hex Nipples
  • Offset Driveside spoke drilling
  • Campag or Shimano 11s compatible.