Extralite HyperBoost Front

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Suitable for all modern framesets that are featuring the new 148mm wide Boost rear spacing. You may complain about the standard, but as we all know small increases in bracing angles at the hub can reap huge overall wheel stiffness. The Boost standard also allows a shorted chainstay bringing nimbleness back to your bike after 275 and 29 wheels were jammed down consumers throats.

All the excellent mechanical advantages of an Extralite hub but now with the extra width so you can re-lace your favourite rims to suit your new frame!

The huge 17mm front axle completes the connection to your fork and the straight pull design allows high spoke tension for ultimate sprinting and cornering precision. ABEC-5 Enduro bearings and the Extralite soft touch preload dials for silky, ultra smooth rolling wheels.

  • 78g
  • C to R: 44mm / C to L: 30mm / Flange Drilling Diameter: 53.6mm / spoke hole: 2.5mm
  • 110mm spacing compatible with 15mm axles
  • 24h, 28h or 32h