Extralite HyperCamber2 Rear

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Brace, brace

Once upon a time before Boost 148... there was Extralite that properly engineered hubs to overcome the flex in larger sized wheels. This was achieved with the standard 142mm rear spacing but with the addition of radical bracing angles that exponentially improve the stiffness of the rear wheel hub interface. The "spidered" drive side flange is splined and floats on the hub body allowing self alignment when tensioning the spokes. The HyperCamber lace closer to the DS dropout than any other hub on the market - making this one of the stiffest hubs currently available for your MTB. An oversized 17mm axle keeps the bearings aligned under load and extensive FE Analysis ensures that it can easily handles 250kg of load on each bearing side (6903-2rs). Check the freewheel mechanism - its loaded with wide teeth that offers 36 points of hyperquick engagement points. Its precise and provides almost frictionless coasting and its muscleman strong - ie it can handle 1/2 ton of chain pull. Strong, lighter and outperforms any of the traditional pawl and ratchet systems available. As all good things must end - the rear freehub internals are easily replaced with fresh parts.

The micro-adjuster is simple to use and allows precise bearing adjustment without messing about with washers and spacers. Advanced multi-axial CNC'ing produces a hub that not only performs extraordinary - it just looks down right stunning. Compatible with all frame specs (Boost 148 not included)

  • 192g Total weight
  • 32 Hole
  • 135x 10mm / 142 x 12mm, Syntace x-12)
  • PU lip seal with soft touch o-ring
  • XD Compatible
  • IS6 Rotor Mount
  • Suitable for XC, TR, EN