Extralite UltraFront SX

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Weighing in at a remarkable 49grams. The flanges have been specially heat treated to cope with the higher tensions of radially laced spokes. Self aligning spoke holes allow even and consistent tension throughout the wheel. Comes fitted standard with two 6801-2RS ABEC5 Bearings. Also available with the ZeroH-F Hybrid ceramic upgrade. The unique micro-tuner gets the bearing preload exact ensuring silky smooth action. The hub body is hard anodized and then laser etched for long term durability.

The UltraFront SX builds an incredible light weight and stiff front wheel. If your goal is to build the best wheelset available, start with this hub.

  • 49grams
  • Micro-Tuner
  • 14mm Axle
  • 1 pass multi-axial machining
  • Made in Italy.