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Extralite UltraRear SX

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Both internal and external bearings are ABEC-5's and high tech cnc'ing provide some of the smoothest and most gorgeous looking hubs in the industry. 30T Titanium pawls provide very precise engagement helping out with sprinting or climbing duties. For such a ridiculously light hub, these are the key to some of the stiffest and lightest wheels available, the specific axle ends increase the interface to the dropout giving a larger clamping surface area while the 17mm axle provides massive amounts of stiffness for all levels of torque - These truly are a wheel builders dream. Straight pull spokes help transmit driving force while regular spokes are used on the non-drive side giving easy maintainence and quick build-ups.


  • 20h@134grams | 24h@135grams | 28h/136grams
  • Micro-Tuner
  • Oversized 17mm axle
  • 1 pass multi-axial machining
  • Titanium 30T pawl engaging system
  • Optional Enduro Ceramic bearings
  • Campagnolo and Shimano specific axle ends