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Extralite UltraStem OC MTB

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Your first perception of a sub-100gram stem is that it must be fragile and flexy. This is not the case here. Extralite stems have one of the largest main body diameters of any bike stem on the market, this enables the stem to provide the best resistance to torsional forces. Think back a few years when aluminium frames were king. They were super-stiff and super harsh and had massive oversi zed tubing that contributed to the hefty stiffness of the frame. Similar princiiples are applied here to have a larger body diameter to help reduce twisting loads. Through extensive and time consuming CAD design, Extralite have managed to minimise material while keeping the main body diameter as large as possible. Proven strong and stiff, the UltraStem still meets and exceeds the UNI 10518 safety standard.

There is no skimping on any detail of Extralite's product, all graphics are laser etched as opposed to the common screen printing, which usually rubs off in a couple of rides and of course Ti hardware all around. All edges are finished smooth and is our recommended stem for lightweight aluminium or carbon bars. Knee-friendly steerer clamp bolts are placed on the front side of the steerer tube. The UltraStem is very close to perfection.

All Extralite components come with a 2year year limited warranty.

Note: Although this is a MTB specific stem and can be run on a road bike, we recommend the RoadStem Ultra, it has a -/+8 rise and also weighs in a little bit lighter than the MTB version.