Extralite UltraTop Headset

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Fat free Smoothy.

Ultra High performance and European manufactured headset. Ideal replacement for those junky OE headsets that come on the majority of top tier production bikes. The Extralite Ultratop and Ultrabottom is the best way to improve smoothness, improve bearing life and create a better connection between your stem/bars and frame. The low stack heights of the top and bottom cups allow you to setup a more aggressive position without foregoing bearing seals or bearing covers.

The Extralite Ultra Headset is a complete modular system which allows an ala carte menu to get the specs just right for your frame. O-ring seals keep out the elements and all cups are completely CNC'd for exact tolerances. The lower bearings are stainless bidirectional which handle force distribution effectively and perfectly smooth rolling without any bearing bind - all without the creaks and squeaks.

Maximum durability, smoothness and lowest weight possible.

The Ultratop set includes a Ultrastar3 and top cap and bolt assembly.

You must measure your frame dimensions before ordering.