Fabric Scoop Shallow Pro - Carbon Rails

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Flex Fit

What is unique about the Fabric Scoop is the designed flex and the bonded top cover. By bonding the top cover to the one-piece hull allows the cover and base to act as one and flex and conform to your body.  Flexbility is great for improved fit and ergonomics, it also helps to remove and reduce vibrations whether you are riding road or mountain.  Combine this with the wide range of shapes and options - you will be closer to finding your perfect saddle.
Pro Series have a Nylon hull and carbon rails. 
  • Nylon hull, Carbon rails
  • Semi curved shape
  • Flexible hull
  • Flat Top
  • Oval 7mm x 9mm
  • Top cover: Bonded PU Foam and synthetic microfibre
  • Width 142x length 282mm 
  • 198g