Fasst Flexx Enduro Aluminium Handlebars

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You might initially be shocked at the price, but lets think for a bit - we spend lots on the latest suspension fork, adding tokens into our air-springs,  stuffing our tyres with inserts all to eek out a little bit more small bump sensitivity. Some call it a conspiracy with brands offering inferior air-forks that are trying to make it up to be a coil-like feel (when you can just run a coil fork). Tokens, aftermarket air springs, ramp controllers etc etc.

We all know what it's like spending hours tuning that new fork, getting that razor fine balance of low speed compression and small bump harshness, it's tough. Small bump sensitivity and comfort gives a ton of confidence hitting rough tracks and especially in corners where the stiff fork and stiff bars will deflect you off line. It also makes you feel fresher towards the end of  long ride.  Ever noticed your fork feeling harsher towards the end of a long ride?

The Fasst bars are legitimate, the company has been around for ages making these bars work for ATV and Motocross bikes. So we know the design is strong enough, but do they work?

We'll we can say once you have a few rides on them you will not want to go back to a traditional bar - they offer a level of comfort that no other component can match. It's like dropping 5psi off your tyre and a couple clicks out of LSC.  The OneUp Carbon bars and SQlab FLX bars are superb on high frequency chatter and are some of the better carbon bars out there - but they are no where near as comfortable the Fasst Flexx Bars.  The Patented design uses elastomers to control compression and rebound (both a tunable separately). Riding over rough tracks and trails with big blown out sections there is a smoothness and calmness at the front end the extra grip feels amazing. Got injuries in your upper half of your body (who doesn't?) these will  definitely reduce the strain and abuse your wrists, elbows and shoulders take. A smooth bike is fast bike, allowing you to be more relaxed and more energy efficient on the descents.

They are completely made in the USA with locally sourced raw materials and they are burly! These will work on any bike - even a fully rigid gravel bike loaded up with gear!

The Alloy version gets a full aluminum construction (no carbon ends) at the cost of 100g of extra weight

  • Rise: 25mm
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Weight: 550 grams
  • Width: 800mm
  • Upsweep: 
  • Back sweep: 8º and 12º
  • Materials:  7075 Aluminum, Ti-6Al-4V
  • Effective suspension travel: 5º, length of bar dictates overall travel. 
  • Elastomer included: Soft, medium, hard compression and rebound.