Pedro's Fixed Torque Driver

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These preset torque drivers are a gem when working on your bike, they are come in fixed 4Nm, 5Nm and 6Nm and are colour coded for a a quick grab and check torque. The have magnetic bit 1/4"sockets and are -+1% accurate. Each wrench comes with 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and T25 which will pretty much cover all the essentials around the stem, seat clamp and derailleur cinch bolts.

The Pedro Fixed Torque driver do have a nice shape that fits to your hand and the audible "click" is pretty satisfying.

4Nm - Common around stem face places clamping lightweight carbon bars. Carbon seatposts, dropper posts and deralleur cinch bolts

5Nm - Brake rotor bolts, stem bolts and face plates, road shifter/lever clamps

6Nm - Brake caliper mounting bolts