Formula Brake Pads R1/Cura/RX/TheOne

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Genuine Formula brake pad to suit the R1, RX, The One and the Cura Single piston. Organic pads require less time to heat up and offer consistent performance and excellent modulation at low running temps. They are quiet in dry and wet conditions but do wear quicker in wet/muddy conditions.

Semi Metalic is the goldilocks, they offer good low temp bite and extended durability over organic pads.

Sintered are the best for all out heavy duty use. Like ebikes or consistent DH runs all day, they take a bit to heat up and get the nice initial bite but will wear extremely well under heat and muddy conditions. Can be a bit noisier in wet conditions.


  • Good initial bite
  • Quiet
  • Increase wear in muddy, wet conditions
  • Good modulation


  • Extended durability
  • Good initial bite
  • Good durability


  • Best Durability
  • Works best once the pads have some heat
  • Excellent wet and mud weather conditions