Formula CTS Tuning Valves

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Up until now you were stuck with a fork with a factory tune - if you wanted to change that you would have to have a full fork service all the way to the damper and have it re-shimmed. It could be a hit or miss and is not cost effective to be doing it frequently.

The CTS is a game changer - it gives you pro level adjustment quickly and easily. There is 7 CTS valves all with a specific tune to suit a wide range of preferences and riding style. From full plush to race firm progressive - it's so easy to change that you can have one setup for the weekend race and back to the comfort valve on your regular rides.

You will need the CTS specific removal and installation tool, 10mm socket and a hex wrench.

  • Gold - Special Soft, closest to the industry "standard" setup
  • Orange - Special firm, more progression, more sensitivity in first 2cm of travel
  • Green - Race with support at the expense of comfort
  • Silver - Max comfort - Excellent low speed comfort but with enough ramp at the end of the stroke
  • Blue - Comfort and support
  • Red - Race with mildness - Race mode with high speed support
  • Electric Blue -Ebikers, dealing with more mass and heavier loads throughout

Here is the link to the detailed charts for all the CTS valves - here