Formula Cura 2 Piston Brake

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Formula has now switched to mineral oil in their brakes and the power for the 2-piston is monstrous plus you get that positive feeling modulation.  You might think a 2-piston caliper is only suitable for XC bikes - the Cura was the only 2 piston brake on the DH World Cup and was plenty good to be on the winning bike.  Formula's experience in moto brake design shows, from the lever length and shape to the amount of modulation of power right at your fingertips. With braking times from 15-30km/h as good as the bigger 4-piston Shimano Zee brake.

The constant heat, mud and dust puts a lot of abuse on your brakes - thankfully Formula offers full rebuild kits to get them working like new. They are easy to bleed and do not suffer from that dreaded bite point fade.

  • Front or Rear
  • Compatible with Speedlock quick release
  • Shimano I-Spec B or SRAM compatible with the optional MixMaster
  • Organic pads
  • Lever reach adjust
  • 175cm brake line