Formula MOD Coil Shock

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Everyone is trying to get that "coil shock" feel - Why? Because they simply offer more grip and traction in rough terrain. The problem with coil shocks compared to air is their weight and limited spring tuning options especially if you sit between spring weights or just want to "quickly" change a spring when riding a different trail - With air you can simply up the pressure to get it working just right for you. The Mod shock is different to others in that it offers the CTS system that allows for simple and quick tunes - its like a re-shim but without the whole process of pulling the shock down and sending it away for a custom tune.  The CTS offers another vector of tuning and allows you to get that perfect setup for your style and trails and 2 extra CTS valves are included with each shock.

Formula's extensive experience in other motorsports is shown in the features of the Mod - It's large volume bladder offers some of the best small bump compliance out there and the 30mm piston pushes more oil for consistent fade free damping.

It has LSC, Low speed Rebound, Mounted lockout and 3 CTS valves are included which offers super plush to race day firm

  • Weight 670g (210x55)
  • Optional Springs - Ultraviolet or Titanium
  • Ultralight Steel spring as standard