Formula Selva C 120-160mm fork 29"

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C Is for Coil

If you like to tweak and fiddle with your suspension, the Selva is the most adjustable fork out there. The Selva C is the coil version which comes in at a bit more weight but offers consistent suspension performance throughout the season. With the optional springs available and the CTS customisable damper system you have a lot of options to tune the fork to your absolute liking - The Selva is one of the most adjustable forks on the market, so if you like to fiddle - the Selva will make you froth.

 Say you want your fork to be firm and progressive on a race weekend but a little more comfort for those weekday rides, it takes no more than 10mins and simple tools to switch out the CTS.

Out of the box it has High and Low speed adjustment and rebound  The travel can be adjusted by removing or adding spacers to the spring shaft.

The lack of friction and small bump sensitivity is something you will notice right away with the Selva and with the coil spring it's extremely smooth and responsive to chatter and offers that feel that coil only suspension is known for.

  • 46mm offset
  • Gold and Blue CTS valves included
  • Black or Ultraviolet
  • 15mm axle
  • 21 click rebound / 12click High and low
  • Crown mounted lockout
  • Spring preload
  • Optional CTS cartridges
  • 2,230g
  • Soft, Medium (default), Firm, Super Firm springs
  • 203mm Max Rotor