Formula Selva S 29" 120-160mm fork

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Single Air

If you like to tweak and fiddle with your suspension, the Selva is the most adjustable fork out there. The Selva S is the single air spring version which uses a coil spring as a negative spring - as opposed to Rock Shox and Fox that use a check valve to equalise the positive and negative air springs. You can also swap out the compression cartridge (very easily) to 7 different tunes. Say you want your fork to be firm and progressive on a race weekend but a little more comfort for those weekday rides, it takes no more than 10mins and simple tools to switch out the CTS.

Out of the box it has High and Low speed adjustment and rebound and the NeoPos volume spacers that have add a more dynamic feel to air spring compared to solid tokens. The travel can be adjusted by removing the air spring and clipping on the air shaft spacers to alter the travel.

The lack of friction and small bump sensitivity is something you will notice right away with the Selva, it's floating IFP allows for the chassis to flex without interfering with the air piston which causes stiction and extra wear. If you are one to constantly change settings on your fork, the Selva will almost certainly find the magic combination for you

  • 46mm offset
  • Gold and Blue CTS valves included
  • Black or Ultraviolet
  • 15mm axle
  • 21 click rebound / 12click High and low
  • Crown mounted lockout
  • Optional CTS cartridges
  • 1940g
  • Optional NeoPos air spring
  • 203mm Max Rotor