Foss EF 700c Road Tube

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Nothing like you have seen before. They are not latex nor butyl but a thermoplastic elastomer that is extremely tough and elastic which makes it ideal for use in bike tubes. Unlike butyl tubes once the Foss tube has been punctured it will create a tight seal around the object minimising air loss - allowing you to ride to a safer place, shop or home to fix the puncture.

They have a nice road feel, being supple like a latex tube but holding air a bit longer. So they will work great with a high TPI count tyre for the ultimate in road riding smoooothness.

1-Part for the environment. If you are one of those roadies that toss the C02 canisters and tube back into the shrubs after a puncture - you are a BOZO. For those that care slightly and take their rubbish back home with them  -  the FOSS can be placed in the recyclables and it gets converted back to making some recyclable goods (plastic chairs and furniture)

They can be patched using the special Foss patches that are self adhesive and get a bit more life from your tubes.

  • 88grams
  • 51mm Valve stem
  • Don't be a Bozo
  • Extended puncture resistance
  • 22-25c road width