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Tubes or tubeless. I say - Feel the Foss!

Latex and butyl are so pass. Plus anyone who's ever tried tubeless would tell you how messy it is to deal with sealants.

The Foss is a tube but dig this - it is neither latex nor butyl. Foss is created from a proprietary rubber compound. As a result, it is lighter than the latex tubes currently out there. If you're wondering how much lighter - Foss tubes are on average 30% lighter than butyl tube offerings. Foss tubes are also explosion proof. By explosion, we are referring to that unfortunate experience of having a standard butyl tube exploding under high pressure when punctured - usually midride when you're cranking it out. Because it's made of a special rubber composite which is tougher, the Foss tubes will not explode. The unique material will remain stable if punctured and will seal. During testing, we have found the Foss to seal airtight around a puncturing object.

Foss EFT offers a ride quality and suppleness that is equal to high-end latex tubes, but still maintains a super stable feel at lower pressures. It holds air pressure far better than a latex tube which means it rolls effortlessly over rocks, roots and choppy trails. Smooooth riding.

Punctures are inevitable in life. But punctures don't mean the end to your ride. The Foss is 100% repairable. Foss is so easy to repair, you can do it on the road with a cigarette lighter to seal the puncture (kids, don't burn yourself). Once you are back home, whip out the Foss EFT repair pliers and repair even the tiniest holes with absolute precision. With the recommended Foss Pliers, the idea is to get more life out of your tubes.

Foss tubes are recyclable. The Foss material is an unvulcanized rubber which can be recycled with other thermoplastic rubbers. Toss them in the appropriate recycle bin when you're through and bask in the satisfaction of taking one small step towards saving the planet.

See what the Fuss is all about. Foss is the next step in the evolution of tubes:

  • Explosion Proof
  • Proprietary rubber compound
  • High stability under pressure
  • 100% repairable
  • Recyclable

Sorry guys - our Foss tubes do not come with Rim Tape.

A revolutionary new tube material which reduces pinch flats and punctures while improving ride quality. The thermoplastic elastomer compound prevents tubes bursting and dramatically reduces and in most scenarios prevents air leaks from bad, inconveniencing puncture causing objects. On the occasion that they do puncture the sealing properties will enable you to get to your destination safely or finish your lap where you can then repair/change wheels. The TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material is also 100% recyclable, so you can truly be green ..or blue.

The tubes can be easily repaired using the official Foss repair pliers or in complete emergencies can be repaired with a lighter and a quick pinch of the fingers.