Gloworm Lightset CX 1200 Lumens All In One

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A powerful and simple all-in-one lightset that can be used on your bars or helmet with the included mounts. Its customisable optics means you can set the light up for whatever riding you doing.  For example you can use the wide lens on your bars and a spot on the headlamp for fast trail riding. The CX is also a great commuting light

It is USB chargeable and can used as a battery bank to charge your eWares. It also has a replaceable battery so you can have juice ready to go. A fully charged battery will give you about 2hrs of burn time.

You can customise the light output to suit your needs and extend burn times. The default settings are:

  • Trail: Low/Medium/High/Special:Super Dim
  • Commute: Low/High/Special: Flash


What's included

  • CX All-in-one lightset
  • 6800mAh Lithium Ion 2-cell Battery
  • Micro-usb charge cable
  • Wired CX remote
  • Universal light mount
  • 31.8mm QR handlebar mount
  • Spare Optics (Spot/Wide)
  • Universal QR Helmet Mount
  • Hex Tool