Gloworm Lightset X2 1700 Lumens 2 Cell Battery

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The X2 1700 takes the light output up from the Alpha while still using the same battery packs.  More light power (1700lumen) gives a slight weight increase of 89g for the headlamp and burn time is a little less at 1.5hr with the 2cell battery. But you do get the neat wireless remote that can turn on/off the light and cycle through settings - this is perfect if you a running the light on your helmet.

It comes with 2 default settings - Trail and Commute. The commute setting has an additional Special mode that gives a flash every 2 second. The Trail mode gives low/med/high and Super Dim . Special modes are activated by holding down the button, so no need to cycle through settings.

What's included

  • X2 Headlight
  • Wireless TX Remote
  • Universal QR helmet mount
  • Universal Light Mount
  • 31.8mm QR handlebar mount
  • Spare Optics (Spot/Wide)
  • Smart Battery Charger
  • 3400mAh Lithium Ion 2cell battery
  • Hex Tool