Gloworm Lightset XSV 3400 Lumen - 4cell battery

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A monster of a light punching out 3400 lumens while still keeping a nice and compact package that you can mount on your helmet - it's light enough that it can be used with a light strap!  It's fully customisable so you can program your light to suit your riding conditions or environment - full bright for commuting or a little less if your a racing 24hrs to conserve on some of that battery juice.

These are high quality lights not knock offs that you can find around - water resistant, shockproof and proudly engineered in New Zealand - also there is spare parts available - from lens, mounts and batteries so you can keep your lights for a long time.

And with the loads of mounting options and straps you can really dial in your custom race setup.


What's included;

  • Head light
  • Lion battery smart charger
  • Universal QR helmet mount
  • 6800a/h Lithium Ion 4-cell battery
  • Wireless TX Remote
  • Exension Cable
  • 31.7mm Quick release handlebar mount
  • Universal Light mount
  • Spare Optics (wide, spot, honeycomb)