HV Micro Pump - Road and MTB

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100% Aluminium

A true 100% aluminium construction that is built to last year after year. The MSC Micro-Pump is the smallest most compact pump currently on the market - in weight and length. It's High Volume (HV) design makes it work for MTB and Road use where you don't want to carry huge bulky pumps around. The small 134mm length will fit into a cargo bottle that you can stash on the bike or slips neatly into a jersey pocket or backpack. It's rated for 80PSI so it will cover all of your MTB tyres and get you by in emergencies on the road bike. At 71g it weighs about as much as a 20g C02 cartridge.

A extendable flex tube reduces breaking off the valve stem and reversible schraeder/presta. Includes a bottle cage mount

  • 71grams
  • Presta & Schraeder compatible
  • High Volume design
  • 100% Aluminium
  • Anodised finish
  • Includes bottle cage sidemount