Ibis 942 Carbon 29" Rim

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Wide is better

You don't need an Ibis to enjoy these well built rims. They measure 35mm wide internally and have a very low profile which helps improve impact resistance.

They are offset by 5mm for even spoke tensions and feature the exclusive tubeless profile that has been successfully been used on the 938 and 738 series wheels.

465g light and 35mm for really solid sidewalls and more volume. You can get by running low pressures in the range of 10-18psi

Looking for a custom build? Contact us and we'll build you any type of wheel that you can imagine.

  • 32h
  • 5mm Offset
  • 34mm Internal width
  • 38mm Outer width
  • 465g/ 598.6mm ERD
  • Front or Rear