Ibis ISCG05 Adapter for the Mojo Ripmo Ripley

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If you want to mount a chain guide on your RipMo, HD4, HD3, Mojo 3, or Mojo HDR, you will need one of these.
It's aluminum
ISCG 05 standard

When using this on a RipMo with SRAM DUB cranks, you will need the 2mm spacer inside the drive side crank arm against the bottom bracket shell. Normally there is a 4.5mm spacer setting the chainline with no ISCG 05 plate. With the ISCG 05 plate mounted behind the bottom bracket shell it will incorrectly push the chainring out from the center of the frame with the 4.5mm spacer. If you need a 2mm spacer let us know!