Ibis Lo-Fi Carbon Flat handlebar

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Just like Ibis mountain bikes these bars are perfectly balanced. The Hi-Fi carbon riser is the same, at 225 grams its burly enough for all-mountain riding yet plenty light to help you build the lightest trail rig out there.
Geometry is spot - on with a 0mm rise, 9º backsweep and 5º upsweep and a 760mm width. A low rise is great for bigger wheeled bikes, it helps keep the weight over the front wheel and doesn't feel like you are driving a bus.
Great stiffness and just the right amount of flex to tune out trail vibrations while keeping the steering razer sharp.
You don't need to own an Ibis to enjoy these bars,
  • 0mm rise / 9º Backsweep / 5º Upsweep or 11.5º Backsweep when rotated backwards
  • 760mm width (can be cut down)
  • 230g