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So Enduro

Fresh input from the most succesful Enduro teams on the EWS circuit, the HD4 has been built with pure feedback from the top EWS racers. To the untrained eye, the HD4 looks similar to the HD3 - but the devil is all in the details.

The head angle has been slackened by 2º and the reach has been stretched, so now you buy the size your normally would, rather than sizing up. This longer reach also needed a steeper seat angle of 74º for more efficient climbing. Stretching the reach, slackening the head angle and overall increasing the wheelbase gives crazy stability on high speed descents and technical roll downs.  Like all the Ibis bikes, they always find the perfect balance of handling traits - The HD4 doesn't miss out on this, this mid-travel beast is a perfect trail bike where you can really push your skills and speed just a bit more and still have a bit left in the bank.

The travel has been upped bu 3mm to 153mm, but more importantly the leverage ratios are tweaked to provide more progressivity towards the end of the stroke. This helps bottom out resistance and gives a firm feeling mid stroke without the need to ramp up compression damping. New upper and lower links have been tweaked as well to help stiffen the rear and produce a more supple shock action. Overall the carbon layup has been modified which resulted in improved tiffness over the HD3. A new ZS56 headset and ZS top headset allows a stiffer more material to be used which gives the front end more stiffness and precision. 

If your trails constantly point downwards the HD4 is a great bike for you, it's a more point and shoot weapon allowing you to keep seeking out faster and faster lap times. The HD4 truly shines once you start adding more speed to your attacks.


  • ZS56 Lower headset 
  • Threaded BB
  • Will fit 203mm rear rotor
  • Versatile Internal cable routing
  • Will fit a 600ml water bottle (best use a side loader cage)
  • Built around the Fox Float X2 Kashima