Impakt Frame Protection 5m Roll

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No need for those ultra expensive frame sticker kits that are fiddly AF to apply - and they offer almost zero impact protection.

Impakt is the only frame protection tape that offers actual energy absorption both in the vertical and horizontal plane with the unique visco-elastic material.  Rock strikes or frame impacts disperse their energy through the special 50 x 20 micron shock resistant layers - protecting your carbon frame from damage. It also offers 200 micron scratch resistance. It's the only frame tape that is Gardner Impact tested - they even tested this taped to a fluorescent bulb and dropped a ballpoint hammer on it.

Very easy to apply all you need is some sharp scissors and a clean cloth. Add a little bit of heat with a hair dryer and the material will easily mold to complex 3D shapes for a OE finish. It can be easily removed without affecting your paint or leaving sticky residue behind and will come off in one piece.

Comes in matte or gloss finish with 2 thickness sizes. The 1.2mm for downtube and chainstays. For everything else or road bikes the 0.7mm is ideal.

  • 50mm x 5m
  • 200 Micron scratch resistant
  • 50x20 micron impact resistance
  • Easy to apply to flat or curved shapes
  • Will not leave sticky residue when removed
  • Protection from high speed rock strikes
  • Resists grease and oils
  • Will not discolour or yellow
  • 1.2mm Perfect for downtube, chainstay and fork lower legs
  • 0.7mm suiable for road frames, cranks, top tubes
  • Also available in smaller 500mm kit packs