Ingrid Cassette Road 12S 44T11 Shimano

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This ones for the Shimano fans and works on Shimano freehub bodies with an 11t lower cog. A close ratio range for smooth cadence which is far more important on the road. A 400% range gets the same range as a 2x system and the middle ratios are spaced closer together because really that's where you will be spending 80% of the time.

Cassette is CNC machined in 2 parts, one in steel and the other part in aluminium(top 2 cogs). The steel section is heat treated and the aluminium is further hardened with a special hard anodizing process.

The Ingrid 44T11 offers exceptional shifting performance with very low weights and all the durability from steel cogs.


  • 11-13-15-17-19-21-23-25-28-32-37-44
  • 294g
  • Works with Ingrid RD1-R11s. SRAM and Shimano rear derailleurs
  • CNC Steel and Aluminium
  • SRAM XD compatible
  • Suitable for gravel or MTB use