Ingrid MTB Cassette 12sp 10-52 SRAM

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The big dog 10-52t with a huge 520% range. And durable and slick shifting sprockets can be replaced as needed. CNC'd aluminium for the top large cogs and the rest CNC steel for stiffness and superb durability.  So if seem to spin in a specific gear and always wear out the same set of cogs, you can replace parts as you go rather than junking it in the bin.

There is a bit more tweaking on the ratios to offer smooth cadence transfer from gear to gear which helps with traction, smoother shifts and overall increased efficiencies.

Cassette is CNC machined from 2 parts, one in steel and the other part in aluminium(top 3 cogs). The steel section is heat treated and the aluminium is further hardened with a special hard anodizing process.

You can run this with a full SRAM drivetrain still offering better than OEM shifting performance or you can do the Ingrid rear derailleur for a very direct intuitive shifting experience.

  • 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-37-44-52
  • Ingrid, SRAM 12sp derailleur compatible
  • 356g
  • CNC Steel and Aluminium
  • SRAM XD compatible