Jones H-Bar Bend

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Same shape, rise and new-age backsweep just no crossbar and less weight. So if you are not hanging gear off the front or don't really need that extra aero position, the Bend is probably a good option for you.

A unique and unconventional handlebar design that not only stands out but delivers superior handling and unparalleled comfort compared to traditional bars. Experience the freedom of a wide range of hand and body positions, enhancing your power, comfort, and control on every ride. With a 45-degree sweep, these bars position your wrists naturally for enduring comfort by activating your back muscles when you ride.  No other bar will yield this many hand positions.

Ideal for bikepacking, touring, mountain biking, gravel riding, commuting, city biking, or any bike type you ride! Upgrade your cycling adventure with Jones H-Bars, offering more hand positions, increased comfort, enhanced control, and versatile bag and light mounting locations. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional drop bars.

Put this on a single speed, commuter or town bike and you will get way more comfort and control.

  • 335g
  • 710mm
  • 31.8mm clamp
  • 45º back sweep
  • Optional handlebar bag
  • 0.5" rise