Kind Shock LEV DX

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High end Value

All the performance of the high end LEV but now at a better price point. The DX version forgoes the titanium clamp bolts, lightweight housing and carbon fibre lever actuator. You still get the same internals of the higher priced LEV - So that means an ultra smooth drop actuation, no saddle wiggle and excellent reliability for less.

All the features that were needed in a reliable dropper post were met. The dropper post is one product that has really changed the biking world. High up saddles for the long climbs and efficient pedalling position and with a quick push of the remote lever the saddle can be cleared out of the way to tackle the steepest and most technical descents. Dropper posts make the ride more fun and gives you loads more confidence to tackle those sections of trail that used to scare (or tear) your pants off.

Still one of the most reliable seat posts available today, the unique triple keyed system locks the post and prevents lateral play and bushings migrating over the long term. Micro adjust head that allows easy adjustment of the post and cable routing that does not move when the post is in action.

•Micro adjust head that allows routing of the cable anywhere
•No more housing rub or catching
•Ultra reliable triple keyed system
•Polycarbonate lever paddle
•Easily serviced
•518g - 645g weight inc housing

The LEV is available in a few size configurations. 335mm lengths with a 100mm of drop or 385mm with 125mm drop