Kinlin Privateer wheelset

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The workhorse

1590grams, built by hand and for high torque outputs. Everyday riding and training wheelset with a focus on stiffness and responsiveness. During fatigue testing, the Privateers were found to perform on the same level as other wheelset at triple it's price.


Machined by 12oclock, holding stainless steel Japanese catridge bearings. 3 Stainless steel rear pawls direct power to your rear wheel. 2x cross on both the rear driveside and non-driveside transfer more torque and produces a stiffer wheel in all scenarios.


Kinlin XR270 27mm deep rims have been a favourite with many wheel builders - they produce a stiff and durable wheelset with decent aero qualities which makes them universal for all riding conditions. Not to deep to get caught in gusty winds, deep enough to be stiff and solid under power. Anodised black then CNC machined flat sidewalls with a welded rim join is smooth and consistent under braking.


Pillar bladed are 1mm thick and 3mm wide for optimum stiffness and aero qualities, paired with Pillar Alloy nipples for weight reduction. A balanced 20hole radially laced front hub and 24 2x on the rear

A hand built wheelset that doesnt break the bank, highly responsive and durable for all types of riding backed by a 2year warranty on material defects.

* No skewers are provided with this wheelset *