Kogel Aluminium Derailleur Pulley Eagle - Pair

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Specific fit and shape for Eagle/X-Horizon derailleurs. 12/14th X-Sync profile with some seriously smooth running bearings.

It's known that your pulley wheels are subject to a lots of spinning. Have really clean or good quality pulleys can reduce drivetrain friction up to 15%. Not only that your bike runs quieter and will shift better.

Kogel Ceramic Pulley feature Grade3 Abec 5 ceramic beraings, they offer smoother spinning over typical steel bearings and have an aluminium body for extra durability.

There is both a road and mtb/cx specific. MTB are have a bit more sealing for extra durability. Road will spin faster. Easy to install and compatible with modern derailleurs.

Offering a solid 1+1 warranty as long as you keep on track of bearing maintenance.

  • 1+1 Year Kogel Warranty
  • Hybrid Ceramic bearings
  • Road and MTB Specific