Magura Marta SL Red disc brake

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One of the first real lighweight brakes to hit the market, the Marta SL has been iterated over the last few years with small improvements to make the 2011 Marta SL a great performing brake. The lever blades are made from Magura's Carbotecture and are comfortable with one or two finger braking, a cleverly placed lever pivot provides a very smooth lever action and amazing ergonomics. The Marta uses an open hydraulic system and the EBT (Easy Bleed Technology) allows for simple and quick brake bleeds. Mind you, Magura offers a 5yr leak free warranty, so you shouldn't have to be bleeding your brakes too often.

Power is on par with all the other top brakes on the market, but what you find with the Marta SL's is the huge amount of modulation. What's the point of having so much power if it cannot be controlled right?

The calipers are one piece, holding two opposing pistons which are self adjusting with pad wear. Magnets are built into the caliper to hold the brake pads in, which aids in maintaing consistent performance through the life of the pads, unlike springs which can get clogged up and lose their resistance over time. They are fitted with organic pads which are suitable for all types weather conditions.

This brakeset includes the Magura Marta SL rotors which have a solid brake track to optimise performance and smooth braking feel under hard efforts. The 160mm rotor weighs in at 103g which brings the lever+caliper+rotor weight to an impressive 335 grams.

These brakes are designed and manufactured in Germany, so you can only expect the best quality workmanship and quality controls.

Brakeset includes 2x 160 6bolt rotors, front and rear calipers and levers.