Mavic KYSRIUM SLS Clincher

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Durable, stiff and responsive

Multiple iterations of the Kysrium model has resulted in a high performing, lightweight wheelset at under 1400g. Asymmetrical rim profiles balances stiffness with sharp handling in all conditions.


Made with Mavic's own Maxtal alu with the SUP join which keeps the brake track smooth. CNC machined perfectly flat for smooth and consistent wet and dry braking. The shallow profile spins up quickly and holds speed while staying super stable in crosswinds. ISM 3D minimises weight while optimising spoke head strength.


Mavic's complete system wheel balances high performance tyres designed specifically improve traction and ride quality. The Yksion Griplink and Yksion Powerlink both feature a supple 127TPI casing with a directional front and rear tread patterns. A nylon breaker belt keeps punctures to a minimum.


Rear hub utilises Mavic's ISOPULSE hub tech, which balances NDS and DS spoke tensions - A more durable wheelset and very responsive under hard accelerations. Rear pawls are supported by 2 steel inserts which maximise force transfer and allows for a machined aluminium hub body.

Front hub is carbon shelled with aluminium flanges. Double cartridge bearings all around and bearing preload adjustment for perfect smoothness and long term durability


Zicral aluminium spokes are threaded directly into the lower rim bridge, this allows Mavic to keep the spoke holes smooth on the outer rim bed so you can leave the rim tape out and run tubeless if you prefer. This does mean if you break a spoke you will require the proprietry Mavic replacement. The spokes are bladed which aid in improved aerodynamics and also the overall stiffness of the wheel.

A sub 1400g wheelset with excellent sitffness properties makes an ideal wheelset for everyday training and weekend racing.