MSC Components Angular Contact Bottom Bracket

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The best external bottom bracket currently available. External bottom brackets have been plagued with low durability - the smaller bearing has to handle more forces, it's wide open to water and mud ingress and the install splines can get real notchy after a few removal/installs.

MSC Components BB24 bottom bracket features large angular contact bearings (like the ones you get in your headset) this means they can be pre-loaded without binding up and running rough, in addition to the 2x seal on the bearing itself they are cased inside the smooth housing which is double sealed with o-rings. It's installed with an ISIS spline adapter and gives that crank / bottom bracket area are really nice clean finish. You can install and remove it as many times as you want and it will always look nice and new.

  • weight:80g 
  • Camptible with Shimano bb24 systems
  • Dual angular contact bearings
  • Double o-ring weather seal
  • Hard anodised finished.