Newmen Advanced Post

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A technically better seatpost than anything out there. We've seen it, the tests where it shows how much flex a post or bar has and we usually want the one with the highest amount of flex. - it's just human nature.  Let's think about it, there is no damper on your post and the more flex it has the more energy it's going to return back and oscillate and actually be quite uncomfortable. Add the high cadence typically found in road or XC and you will find yourself bouncing - not in a good way. Too much flex could be the enemy? Made with high-end TeXtreme carbon fiber - running this post you can notice a nice damped feel on washed out trails and unsealed tarmac.

Newmen's inhouse testing has found the optimal amount of flex with a focus on controlled flex, not that stuff that is going to ping and fling you around. It has a wide clamping mechanism that actually cradles the rails with gouging, scoring and potentially creating a point of failure. The clamp also works for oval rails.

Subtle finish, lightweight and durable and controlled flex. What else do you need?

  • Minimum insertion 120mm
  • 0mm setback
  • 215g / 27.2mm - 242g / 31.6mm
  • No weight limit
  • Suitable for any type of riding