Nokon Cable Sets

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Fast shifting and precise braking.

Nokons feature a unique system which totally differs to the standard nylon wrapped metal found in traditional housings. Nokon utilises small segments which piece together like a ball and socket allowing for tight radius curves, it's rust proofe because its made from aluminiumium and extremely stiff because of the solid segments. Once you piece together the housing parts there is a Teflon liner which is houses the inner cables creating and extremely smooth and kink free brake or gear system. If you are after some of the smoothest and positive gear shifts and brake feel do not look past the Nokon kits. They do tend to take a little bit longer to install but durability and performance is key, the Teflon liners can be changed every season or as needed and it only requires standard gear inners which makes this durable system without degradation in shift or brake performance.

  • 1.5m of beads including end caps and and end coils
  • 2x 1.5m of Teflon liner
  • 2x stainless gear inner or brake inner (depending on the kit)

Available in Road Gear or Brake sets and MTB gear sets.