OneUp Carbon Handlebar 35mm Clamp

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We sometimes can be mislead to believe that all carbon bars offer the best vibration damping and comfort. This is definitely not the case, there are some bars out there that are super stiff and very little buzz kill. It's probably from the evolution of bikes where everything is being made more burly to handle the bigger bikes that are the norm.

The OneUp carbon bar does everything a little different. It has a weird ovalised shape near the stem clamp and this combined with a unique layup allows for some of largest amounts of vertical flex available on any carbon bar on the market. This works well through high speed chatter and big hard drops where the flex acts like micro suspension. You are probably thinking that it must feel like a noodle in a rock garden right?

The shape and layup offers up to a 28% increase in steering response allowing it feel sharp and accurate when pushing hard on the bars and even standing up and smashing the pedals.

It can feel a little strange at first if you have come from a really stiff bar but after a few rides your wrists and hands will not be complaining.

If you want to keep your 31.8mm we have the SQlab clamp adapter that safely allow you to run newer 35mm handlebars

  • Geometry: 800mm Wide / 35mm Dia. /  Sweep 8° Back 5° Up 
  • Weight: 20mm Rise (220g) 35mm Rise (225g)
  • Max Stem Clamp Width: 65mm
  • Max Control Torque: 5Nm
  • Colour: Black.  Optional Decal kits: Available in Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple & White

"The OneUp bar gives me all of the confidence inspiring attributes of a 35mm bar with a bit of forgiveness engineered in for those big descents. I've been so impressed after putting it through the paces for the last year."  Thomas Vanderham