OneUp Stem Top Cap and Preload kit

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You will need this Top and preload kit if you plan on running the EDC tool inside your steerer tube. You can also use a standard top cap with a starnut or compression plug (but you cannot use the EDC tool system)

The special collar allows you to preload your headset without the need for a traditional compression plug. The top cap fits the EDC tool system so you do not need to thread your steerer tube.

  • Trust Message fork (i.d. of fork is too small to work with EDC stem top cap)
  • RockShox Sid Ultimate Carbon (EDC tool will not fit)
  • RockShox Sid Worldcup (EDC tool will not fit)


    • Stem EDC Top Cap
    • EDC steerer plug
    • Stem Preload assembly
    • 2x 10mm, 2x 5mm, clip in headset spacers
    • Comes with a washer and bolt to thread through a socket or cassette tool into the existing star nut for easy removal.