Orucase Smuggler Handlebar Bag

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You've probable scoffed at handlebar bags on road bikes in the past - but they are way past the trendy side now. They simply outright make long rides on gravel or road so much nicer. You stash your snacks, eWares, repair kit and a vest at the front of your bike. No more jamming your jersey pockets with squashed bananas, phone and a vest and reaching around to get anything can be a PITA. The Smuggler is not huge, it's neat small and compact and attaches with 2 quality Voile straps which means you can cinch it down tight so its not flapping about - it also has bartacked Hypalon reinforcement points so you are not going to damage anything in a hurry. 

Voile straps are also great for anything else that you can think of.  The Voile straps also make it easy to remove if you need to leave your bike unattended for a bit.

So good and handy it has received the Gear of the Year award in 2019. This is what they had to say

"Handlebar bags might seem like a bit of a trend, but if you like long rides they are really handy. At this time of year, a ride might begin at 45 degrees and finish at 65, that requires an entire wardrobe change and I hate stuffing my jersey with gloves, legwarmers, and vest. Orucase’s smuggler bag isn’t huge, but it has enough space for a light pair of gloves, a small jacket, and a snack. What really makes it stand out is the excellent use of ski straps to hold it to the bars without flapping around or falling into your front wheel. Since I got this review sample I have not ridden without it."

  • Works with flared and traditional drop bars
  • Fits 35mm handlebars
  • 2x Voile straps included
  • Membrane sealed zips
  • Will fit gloves, jacket, phone and some snacks
  • Polyant Vx42 waterproof fabric
  • 7.5"x3.5"x3.5" /  1.15L