Orucase Smuggler HC Handlebar Bag

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You've probable scoffed at handlebar bags on road bikes in the past - but they are way past the trendy side now. They simply outright make long rides on gravel or road so much nicer. You stash your snacks, eWares, repair kit and a vest at the front of your bike. No more jamming your jersey pockets with squashed bananas, phone and a vest and reaching around to get anything can be a PITA.The Smuggler HC gets a few updates over the clasic Smuggler bag. It has just a tiny bit more storage and its insulated to keep food cool/warm. Included is foam spacers to get a neater custom fit on the bar and a head tube loop that prevents swaying under really heavy loads.

The Smuggler HC builds on the original smuggler bar bag. The HC offers the same ski strap attachment system- now with 1" foam spacers to provide a more customized fit. It's made out of Kevlar reinforced X-ply material and a waterproof YKK zipper, with Hypalon attachment loops.

"Handlebar bags might seem like a bit of a trend, but if you like long rides they are really handy. At this time of year, a ride might begin at 45 degrees and finish at 65, that requires an entire wardrobe change and I hate stuffing my jersey with gloves, legwarmers, and vest. Orucase’s smuggler bag isn’t huge, but it has enough space for a light pair of gloves, a small jacket, and a snack. What really makes it stand out is the excellent use of ski straps to hold it to the bars without flapping around or falling into your front wheel. Since I got this review sample I have not ridden without it."

  • Kevlar reinforced X-Ply material
  • Waterproof YKK Zipper
  • Bartacked Hypalon reinforcement and attachment points
  • 2x 7" Strap.ly gear straps with tail keepers and 1" foam spacers
  • Black reflective print
  • Insulated to keep food/drink cold or hot
  • 2.1 litres