Orucase Trail Pal

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The trail pal is like a tidier version of the frame straps that have been going around. Instead of squeezing down a tube and some levers right onto the frame, this is a nice all in one unit that does get a bit more protection from mud splat and dirt spray. Wherever you can mount those frame straps, the Trail Pal will usually fit. The material is grippy but soft and will stay in place and has enough size for a 29" tube, multi tool and levers(that fit snugly in the elastic sleeve and a zipper pocket for your herbs or chain links.

It comes with a nice Strap.ly strap so it mounts securely and does not get manky in the wet.  Easily left on the bike or quickly transferred to another bike if needed.

  • Kevlar reinforced x-ply material
  • non-slip section
  • 1x15" Strap.ly
  • Holds up to a 29" tube
  • Under saddle, top of frame, under frame - where else?
  • Space for 2 co2 cartridges