Panaracer R-Air Tube - MTB

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Possibly the best tubes that money can buy. These ride like a latex tube, but can be patched just like a butyl tube. If your riding clinchers, these tubes are a must, you could call this the midway point between the tubular and clincher tire. They can actually make a less-than-good tyre ride half decent, the proprietry formula also helps keep the air in a lot better than a latex tube, so you can leave the floor pump at home.

The idea behind the Panaracer R Air was to create a tube with a high elasticity index, being supple and elastic allows the tube to conform to uneven surfaces a lot more than a butyl tube at the same pressure. When installed in 26inch tyres this gives the feeling that your running a lower pressures than a standard butyl tube. Additional to the ride quality, an elastic tube gives a lot more "give" to hard blunt forces such as sharp rocks and not-smooth-as-tarmac-trails - this means a reduction in punctures, and better traction in climbing and cornering.

  • 26x1.75-2.10@150grams
  • 32mm valve stem
  • Presta valve
  • Made in Japan