Pedros Demi Torque Wrench and bit set (3-15Nm)

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Torque is cheap, only if you like cracking parts or snapping bolts. We've all done it that dreaded snap on a lightweight bolt or component and it's usually at the worst possible time and place.

You should not skimp on a good torque wrench - bikes have got lighter and there is more titanium and carbon than you you probably need and there is no place ham-fisting any bolt on your bike.

The Demi torque is compact and short so it doesn't get hung up when you're working those stem face-plate bolts, has a 1/4" ratcheting drive and is fine for lefties or righties includes bits to work on your bike as well as a 7mm and 8mm crowsfoot - which is what you need when you change your brake hoses on your bike and get them tightened right so they don't like brake fluid all over the place. The Demi is easy to adjust on the fly with the base dial and you get an audible "click" and tactile feedback when hit the preset torque.

It's accurate to -/+4% and backed by a 2year warranty.  Is a 300 dollar handlebar worth taking the risk with a $49.99 torque wrench?

  • Hex: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, (25mm), 4 & 5mm (50mm)
  • Torx: T10, T15, T20, T25, & T30 (25mm), T25 (50mm)
  • Crowfoot: 7 & 8mm Flare Wrench
  • Drive Adapter: 1/4″ square to 1/4″ hex
  • 3-15Nm torque
  • Comes with a sweet tool roll to stash everything neatly