Pedros Tutto Chain Tool II

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We are seeing drivetrains evolve at a rapid rate, flat top, 13 speed, hollow pins propriety links. How can you keep up? The chain is a pretty important part of the bike, have you ever snapped a chain? It seriously can be disastrous either on the road or offroad.

Pedros Tutto Chain Tool II is as good as they get, its a premium shop quality tool with a patented fit dial and RPG for functionality and reliability. Its replaceable bridge makes it compatible with all chain types and even beyond that - if we ever get there.

This chain tool is not a couple-of-times use tool, its built to last with the heat treated stool construction that is meant to break and repair hundreds of tools. It's what the professional mechanics use.

Fit Dial: The Fit Dial is used to adapt your Tutto Chain Tool to almost any modern chain. The Fit Dial wheel has 4 anvil features. Inspecting closely you will find that each anvil feature differs from the other in height or style. Each anvil is marked with a series of dots denoting which setting is in use. A Fit Dial usage guide is laser etched on the Tutto handle for easy reference. Each indexed setting is easily selected by rotating the Fit Dial. It's the most feature rich chain tool we have ever seen.

RPG: The RPG, or Retracting Pin Guide, is a multi-purpose feature found only on Tutto Chain Tools and Pro Chain Tools. First, the spring loaded RPG supports the pin up to the face of the chain eliminating broken pins and ensuring perfect alignment every time. Second, for chains with guide pins like Shimano® or Campagnolo®, the RPG encloses the guide pin to prevent loss, bending or breakage, and ensures perfect installation. Third, the RPG accepts the Peening Bit required for installation of Campagnolo® 11, 12, and 13-speed chains.

Peening Bit: The Peening Bit is handily stored in the base of the Tutto handle. This bit is used for Campagnolo® 11, 12. and 13-speed chain installation which requires a peening operation during installation of the chain rivet. The bit is easily removed from the handle and fits onto the end of the RPG allowing installation of Campagnolo® 11, 12, and 13-speed chains.

Guide Pin Shear Slot: For chains that use a guide pin for installation, the Guide Pin Shear Slot provides an integrated tool to remove the guide section from installation pins. After pressing the master pin into the chain, simply insert the guide section into the shear slot and rotate the tool up or down.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Single speed to 13speed chains
  • Campagnolo 11, 12 and 13 compatiblity (peening bit is stored in the handle)